What we do? We repair your solar panel inverter in a responsible and professional manner. A repair that comes with a three-month warranty. 

Our method is straighforward. You register your repair request with us via the repair form, via the menu item "Repair".
Would you like to speak to us personally first, no problem, just call us, see the Contact page.

When we receive the form, we will contact you. After that, our method is as follows: 

  • You deliver the inverter to us by mail or in person
  • Research and quotation takes place within three working days
  • The research is completely without obligation
  • No research costs will be charged (even if a repair is not executed)
  • The lead time for a repair is usually a maximum of 8 working days, this can sometimes increase when parts are no longer available and, for example, have to be purchased elsewhere. You will be informed about this
  • The inverter will be returned to you and you will be invoiced for repair and shipping costs
  • You receive a 3-month warranty on the repair